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The Referendum Letters: 30/05/14

Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser

Dear Sir, 

The success of UKIP seems to have finally roused our local MP Pamela Nash into action. Having seen her party roundly spanked across England and Wales she is now drawn into a battle on two fronts, requiring her and her party to tell different stories to different groups of the electorate north and south of our border. In her column in this weeks Advertiser it didn’t take long before she once again tried to pass off the now well worn lie that patriotism is somehow different from nationalism. She claims she is a patriot, and infers that her brand of flag waving and protecting her nations interests is warm and fuzzy and cuddly, while people like me who wave Scotland’s flag and want to protect Scotland’s interests are nasty and narrow minded. She claims that nationalism is about a sense of superiority. It’s the UK who continually tell us we are too poor to succeed, that we are too stupid to manage our own resources and that we are too small to go it alone! If there is a sense of superiority from anyone it is from her and her ilk who think we are put here to do as they tell us, no questions asked. It’s equality we want! She tries to equate people who support independence with those who support UKIP. Yes Scotland is about giving control of decision making in Scotland to the people who live in Scotland, irrespective of where they were born. I can only assume that she is willfully trying to smear Yes voters, tarring them with the same brush as UKIP, who would close our borders, withdraw from Europe and whose leader has stated that he wouldn’t like Romanians living next door. This isn’t of course to be confused with the current UK government (who we are repeatedly told we are better together with) who instead had vans with billboards driven around London spreading the message that Johnny Foreigner should go pack up and go home.

UKIP’s massive success in England and Wales is a political earthquake, so much so that BBC observers have said that Essex is where Britain’s political future will be decided. If Essex man says we leave Europe, then as part of the UK we will leave, whether we want to or not. This comes in the week that a Westminster panel finally conceded that an independent Scotland will be allowed to remain in the EU, after all the bluff and bluster that came before. Labour and Conservative alike are now making plans for Nigel, and that involves pandering to a UKIP led agenda. There is now more chance of Ed Milliband delivering pizza than there is of him delivering the powers he promised Scottish voters a few weeks ago. There will be pigs with wings over Scotland before Mr Milliband gets a sniff of power, and we can be relatively certain that the UK political map will not be Labour red any time soon. The future is instead to be Tory blue, with a hint of UKIP purple, and that cannot be good news for any right minded people in Scotland. Vote No at your peril, and don’t say you weren’t warned.

Can I just say a final few words to my great fans, David Smeall and John Love. David, I’m not a member of the SNP, I never have been and don’t intend to join. I support Yes Scotland, which draws support from across the political spectrum, including Labour supporters. John, rather than take up another page of the Advertiser, prompting rage from Mr Smeall, who would rather people didn’t know and vote no, I have put links to Philip Hammonds “danger from space” quotes and George Robertson’s “forces of darkness” speech on the Advertiser’s Facebook page for everyone to see. Happy reading! 

Yours Sincerely, 

Jim Cassidy

The Referendum Letters: 26/01/13

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

Dear Sir,

In reply to ex-councillor John Love’s letter of 23/01/13,  may I point out that continually repeating a lie will not make it true, however much he wishes otherwise. If Scotland votes YES in 2014 the Scottish Government will have the mandate to begin the negotiations for independence, with a projected timescale of two years before the election of the first independent parliament.Anyone can check this fact out online at the BBC website- “Q&A on the Scottish Independence Referendum”. On his second point, perhaps he should choose his friends more carefully. On 13th January 2012 Scotland on Sunday, and next day the BBC (no great friends of independence) amongst others reported that his friend Michael Moore MP had refused to enter pre-referendum negotiations, stating that “it would be a betrayal of our responsibilities, for UK ministers to act on behalf of only part of the UK against Scotland’s interests in some kind pre-negotiation.” He then went on to say that if Scotland votes YES “the UK government would have to “prioritise” the interests of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish and would be unable to give the Scottish Government everything that it wanted.” He has been roundly condemned by all sides, including his Tory colleagues because he has made his position clear that there is no contingency plan in the event of a YES vote. Rather than aid a swift and controlled transition of power, and it seems to me his response is to pretend it cannot happen, and if it does make it as difficult as possible for all the people of Scotland. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

If John Love and his ilk are willing to pass off complete untruths as fact, how can they be believed on anything? I’ve quoted my sources which any reader can check out. It’s time we had a bit of honesty here, is that possible Mr Love?

Yours Sincerely,


James Cassidy