Colonel Davidson: Rank Stupidity

IMG_20170624_142436Sometimes I’m left slack jawed at the tactlessness of our politicians. Ruth Davidson is the latest to leave me open mouthed, having been granted the role of Honorary Colonel to her former regiment. Once upon a time for an ex serviceman to become an Honorary Colonel was a sign of your contribution to your regiment, a reward for perhaps long and distinguished service. As far as I am aware Ruth Davidson spent some two years as an officer cadet before leaving through injury, and was never commissioned.

That though is the least of my concerns. Davidson has spent the last few years rallying the forces of unionism to rebuild the Conservative Party. She’s wrapped herself in the union flag and banged on about “no divisive second referendum” above all else. She has successfully managed to convince hard core British Nationalists that her party will protect the union and in the process has seen the Orange Order come back to the fold, with many abandoning Labour and any pretence of concerns over policies as they do so. IMG_20170625_124819

I was told recently of a soldier who decided to run in the council elections, who was told that if he was successful he would have to leave the military. The military is supposed to be impartial, to represent all of us equally. Army regulations clearly forbid the wearing of uniform where it may infer some sort of support by the MOD for their cause, so I have to ask, what in the name of the wee man is happening when the MOD make the current leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland an Honorary Colonel? Does the MOD now endorse the Tories? Is it encouraging serving personnel to support the Tories?

Someone, somewhere has played up to Ruth Davidsons vanity, allowing her to extend her repertoire from prancing around on a tank to actually playing dress up as Colonel Gadaftie. If Davidson had any sense, she’d have politely refused the offer until she had left politics, instead she has grabbed it and will milk it for all its worth, tainting the armed forces reputation in the process.


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