I’m not usually one for predictions, but I’ll stick my neck out today and give my prediction for Airdrie North.

One SNP.

One Labour.

One Independent.

One Tory.


Yes. A Tory. Labour and the Tories have cottoned on to the fact that they are both aiming for the same pool of voters, No/Leavers, and I think they have managed to become affiliated with existing networks where those views are strongest. This could mean that North Airdrie has a Tory councillor for the first time since Moses was in short trousers.

If this is the case, and I’d love to be wrong, but if it is, it’s a clear sign that there is a hard core of Unionist voters who are willing to accept worse working conditions, a lack of social housing, increasing council taxes, an end to free prescriptions, privatised healthcare, poorer social care and an end to socially funded schemes such as free bus travel for pensioners as the price of remaining in the Union.

These are things that for many of these people were principles. For years they have railed against Tory rule as Scotland and Lanarkshire’s industries were decimated by closures and unemployment. Now they wipe away a tear and say that “Maggie wasn’t that bad” as they march into the polling booths to put a cross in the Tory box.

And if they are willing to sell out those principles they once held dear, then we have to say, they were never principles in the first place. So when your job goes and your benefits are cut and you can’t afford your medication, wrap yourself tighter in that Union Flag, and keep your chin up. That’s the British way after all.


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