Yoon Arguments No 146: Handing Power to Brussels

“Why would you want to leave one union to be ruled by another in Brussels?” asked an audience member on Question Time last night… “because you can’t be independent in the EU”.

Unfortunately David Dimbleby didn’t allow Joanna Cherry MP to respond to that particular point, but it’s one that needs addressed.

The idea that the UK is a benevolent “partnership” while the EU is an overbearing dictatorship seems to strike a chord with some people, however this avoids one blatantly obvious point.

When the UK wanted to hold a referendum on EU membership the UK held a referendum. It didn’t have to seek permission. Because it is a sovereign nation.

When Scotland stated it’s intention to hold another referendum on UK membership it has to seek permission, because it’s not a sovereign nation. It has to ask the permission of the largest nation in the “partnership”. And that nation said No.

So the idea that Scotland would be recovering it’s sovereignty only to “hand it back to Brussels” is one of the greatest fallacies of the whole debate, and one which may have to keep countering for some time to come. “Luckily” Theresa May has given us a blatant example of this in practice. Lucky us, eh?


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