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On September 19th 2014 many of the Yes campaign groups were scattered to the four winds, their members in the main sucked up by the SNP, with some going off to the Greens or doing their own thing.

That’s pretty much how things have remained, but there have been some very determined Yes groups which have not faded away but have regrouped and continue campaigning.

The likelihood of another referendum is such that many Yes groups are reforming and new Yes groups are springing up. Technology has also marched on and now there are mobile apps which are designed to help groups communicate with members and for people to find groups near them.

Indy App and Yes 2 Hub

Indy App and Yes 2 Hub

The Indy App is still at an early stage of its development. It was launched in September by The National Yes Registry and at present doesn’t appear to do much.  However I was told by developer Jason Baird that there is a lot going on behind the scenes getting groups registered, and there are three updates planned between now and early 2017 which will transform it into what should be a fantastic tool, so stick with it.

The Yes2 Hub collates articles, allows discussions and acts as an events diary which can be utilised by groups and individuals and looks as though it too will become a vital tool for the forthcoming Independence campaign.

The apps can be downloaded for I-phone or Android.


3 thoughts on “Indy Apps

  1. deryck23

    I might want to ….. Perhaps …. Still no information 🙂 I have neither time nor inclination to go following every possibility that opens up in life Hundreds open up every day Can you imagine an add on TV that simply says “you might like our product” or a CS that says nothing about the applictant but says “perhaps you might like to employ me” with no further information? Or a post in a dating site “person looking for relationship” 🙂


  2. jester1970 Post author

    Apologies for not replying sooner, I prefer to leave longer replies to when I am on the PC rather than the mobile phone.
    I’m not the one “selling” these, just letting people know about them. The Indy App was fully explained in one of the links I put in the article (the blue text). At present they are making people aware of it. As I understand it around 80-90 groups have contacted them and provided details. On the next update those details will go live. You can then find your local group or create one of there isn’t one. After that it will allow group admins to communicate with the group members and vice versa, where they can share ideas, arrange events, etc. After that the final update will allow groups to communicate with each other and share ideas and resources.

    The difference between the Yes2 Hub and Facebook is that it brings content together, whereas FB spreads it outwards across a multitude of groups, forums, blogs and websites. I’ve seen some interesting stuff on there that I would have otherwise been unaware of.

    The question is, do the apps help us or not? If enough people use them and they work as envisioned then probably, yes.
    First, we need to let people know they are there.



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