Say What You See…

​Sometimes, especially when talking with people in groups online, and especially typing one digit at a time on a mobile phone,  typing a long winded and flowery sentence designed to convey some manner of behaviour we are already familiar with is an utter pain.

For example I wanted to get across the idea that “a person of one country who works to undermine that country on behalf of another country”. Now traitorous is one word that can be used, short and to the point. I feel though that these people don’t see themselves as traitorous. They are British nationalists working for Britain’s interests.

Similarly their actions could be described as Quisling-like. Most grown ups don’t throw a hissy fit when this term is used. It’s recognised that the term is applied to people who work on behalf of a foreign power to administer on their behalf. On using the term once I was asked if I was accusing them of being a Nazi. Clearly not, unless they were Norwegian and worked on behalf of the Nazi regime in the 1940’s…

Viceroy is another, evoking the idea of those sent to run another part of the empire and live like lords in the process. But it dosn’t have the same effect, it’s a more cuddly and acceptable description, when that’s not what I am looking for.

So why can’t we just say in one word what we feel within reason: traitor, quisling, viceroy, without being rounded upon, when we can point out that very same behaviour inside a long and descriptive sentence to no response ? I suppose that the truth is that that to those who act in such a manner there perhaps is a sense of shame in what they do, and to that end they need to control the dialogue, to blunt it, and to mask their actions. 

Scottish independence is in effect a revolution, and that revolution has to reach out further than it did in 2014. Can we do that with sanitised, limp-as-lettuce debate? Because if we are afraid to speak the truth then we do their work for them. I’m sure there’s a word for that…


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