The End is Nigh (Thank God)


In but a few short hours the polls will open to Herald voting in what has been a turgid, uninspiring and quite frankly (c) David Coburn vile campaign of hate, fear and lies from both Remain and Leave.


As the final debates have blundered on we have learned little and the arguments have not advanced our knowledge of the EU. The same faces, giving the same lines to the same response. In brief the racism and hate of Leave finally broke free over the last few weeks of the campaign, while on the Leave side the best positive thing they could say about the EU could be summarised as that it’s shit, but it could be worse.

I’ve been on the fence about the EU for a while. There are positives and negatives, and I fear a remain vote would be seen as an acceptance of the status quo within the EU, while a leave vote would be to support the Little Englanders.

If I vote Remain it will be tactically, with the prayer that England votes Leave. Time will tell.


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