In Defence of Wings

Letter to The National: 29/04/16

Dear National,

In the immediate aftermath of the Hillsborough verdict there was a concerted attack on blogger Stuart Campbell regarding views which he initially made in 2012 and which he still maintains, which blamed Liverpool fans for the deaths of 96 of their fellow supporters. I’ll neither endorse or refute his views here, Mr Campbell can speak for himself on that score and it would only distract from my point. Some individuals were calling online for people to withdraw support and funding for his Wings Over Scotland blog, and these calls overwhelmingly came from those of a unionist bent. Wings has consistently made the case for independence, has shredded the lies of unionist media and politicians alike and has been probably one of the best resources available to those who support Scottish independence, pre and post referendum. His Wee Blue Book was handed out by Yes supporters and SNP politicians by the boxload. Wings Over Scotland is one of the reasons the Labour branch in Scotland is in tatters and so long as it remains a trusted source of information is a threat to their slim hopes of any sort of recovery. So it’s unsurprising that Unionists and Labour in particular should attack Mr Campbell on his Hillsborough views with a view to destroying Wings. A classic case of playing the man, not the ball. By all means argue the case with him directly about his personal views, but when you try to use the deaths of 96 innocent football fans for cheap political gain then you have dropped below gutter politics and into the sewer.

Yours Sincerely,

James Cassidy


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