Monklands McMafia Saga: Time To Speak Out

(c) Express Newspaper

(c) Express Newspaper

I’ve spoken to a few people over the last couple of weeks about their experiences of what is now referred to in the mainstream press as the Monklands McMafia scandal and there are striking similarities between what has went on locally and the Jimmy Saville scandal which has engulfed the BBC and forever tainted its reputation.

Saville’s behaviour was an open secret at the BBC and he was actively protected, with the reputation of the company on the the line complaints were ignored or swept under the carpet. The report into Saville states that “The review found that senior managers were not told of complaints about Saville because of an “atmosphere of fear” which still exists in the BBC.” For those who did complain they would have felt intimidated, likely to be ridiculed or disbelieved, and that what happened to them was an isolated incident, making it less likely they would be given a fair hearing. It was only afterwards, when the trickle of stories became a flood that the full picture became clear, and that picture is a distressing and disturbing one.

Here in North Lanarkshire I’m seeing the same patterns of behaviour exhibited by the BBC adopted by the SNP. They attempt to ignore the issue. They attempt to rubbish the concerns raised. Like the BBC they are failing. Voices are being heard, and it’s time that those out there with ANY knowledge of the dirty goings on in North Lanarkshire spoke out as one. Single voices can be drowned out. But as a chorus of voices WE are louder, we can make ourselves known and ensure that people see that big picture. Yes, they might try to rubbish you. To paint you as cranks or left wing infiltrators. To say that it’s just sour grapes, or that you are just jealous of their brilliance. But I’d urge anyone out there with experiences of the smear tactics, the dirty tricks, the legal tricks employed by the SNP to silence members, to come forward and speak out.

BE the media and tell your own story. Because to remain silent is to let the situation continue.



7 thoughts on “Monklands McMafia Saga: Time To Speak Out

  1. jester1970 Post author

    It’s understandable that some SNP members would prefer to look the other way in regard to immoral or concerning patterns of behaviour in the SNP David. But thank you for taking the time to comment.


  2. Karen

    I thought that particular branch was banned at the moment? Hardly comparable to the devastation the Saville cover up caused. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor I find it really tasteless that you trivialise abuse victims by comparing systematic sexual abuse cover up to the internal conflicts of a political party branch. Even if you’re adopting poetic licence for a bit of drama, it’s still a really cheap, thoughtless shot.


    1. jester1970 Post author

      The Coatbridge branch is suspended at present. The others are not, though I imagine they will no doubt suspend their branch meetings with the excuse that the election is underway.
      Karen, I don’t attempt to trivialise ANY bullying of ANY kind. To the individual, whatever the abuse suffered, to THEM there is nothing worse. There isn’t a pecking order.
      But don’t dismiss this as petty internal conflicts. Councillor David Baird has been accused of theft, a very serious accusation. Councillor Julie McNulty has been accused of racism. The accusations made against Tommy Montgomery were simply vile and proved to be outright lies by North Lanarkshire Council. But mud sticks, and whatever the outcome these slurs will follow them around. This could affect current or future employment.
      I have repeatedly asked that Nicola Sturgeon condemn the culture of bullying, fear and intimidation which exists here in North Lanarkshire. She has repeatedly failed to even acknowledge any concerns.
      When you know something is going on and you turn a blind eye, that’s complicity.


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