A Response to Councillor Michael Coyle’s Sun Article

Sun Screenshot Compilation1

Sun Screenshot Compilation1

I have to say I was absolutely astounded to see the article in The Sun on Sunday by crime reporter Russell Findlay where Councillor Michael Coyle refers to allegations that he was involved in my car being set on fire, where he is quoted as saying “The motor got blown up and people tried to blame me. They either say that I did it or that I ordered it. It’s outrageous. The police conducted a thorough investigation then sent me a letter saying the allegations are not true.”

Having not been contacted or made aware of any such investigation by the police this is news to me. I am pleased to see that this is still under active investigation. I have contacted them for an update. As yet I await their response.

Sun Screenshot Compilation 2

Sun Screenshot Compilation 2

Link to Original Article



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