Why would the local SNP group totally abstain on this? I can understand Labour voting against it, but the people’s party?

Councillor Alan Beveridge

Last Thursday at the full council meeting I proposed that the money given by Boots  following the closure of the factory in 2004 be spent for regeneration purposes in Airdrie and not distributed as it is just now throughout North Lanarkshire.

Background to this motion, following the closure of the factory Boots gave 3.7 million pounds to mitigate for the loss of jobs in the area and to promote regeneration. NLC established Fusion Assets at that time, together with a further million pound from Scottish Enterprise.  Fusion Assets didn’t do much till 2010 following managerial issues. However Fusion are now involved in Speculative Developing throughout North Lanarkshire. It is my assertion that this investment would be better spent in and for the residents of Airdrie and its immediate area.

My motion was defeated, basically the ruling labour group  voted against it, independent councillors voted in favour of it. I was disappointed, and cannot understand…

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