Why Scotland Needs Trident

Letter to The National, 30/09/15

Dear Sir,

Having been a long time opponent of Trident, I have now come around to the view that rather than ditching Trident, Scotland must instead have its own independent nuclear deterrent. I had a discussion with a pro-Trident unionist recently and I thought I had made a good case, pointing out that as an independent country within NATO and the EU we were unlikely to have any fears of invasion. “But what about Ukraine?” he cried. I pointed out that the situation in Ukraine was completely different and could not be used as a comparison to Scotland: “It’s not as if we have a nuclear armed country bordering us which has hankerings for its former days in control of a vast empire, which would like to take over our resources and which is led by a man who thumbs his nose at international law” I said. It was of course at this point that I realised the complete folly of my argument, and see that of all the countries in the world that need nuclear protection, an independent Scotland would be top of the list.

Yours Sincerely, 

James Cassidy


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