Complicity: the fact or condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.

If someone becomes aware of unsavoury activities within an organisation which they have responsibility for and does nothing to prevent those activities, are they as complicit as those actually carrying out those actions?

I’ve had no response from the SNP since my letter to Patrick Grady, where he replied to my Open Letter To Nicola Sturgeon. His acknowledgement of my concerns may be written off by some, but it is an acknowledgement nevertheless. They are aware.

If they were aware of the concerns of current and ex SNP members in North Lanarkshire and did nothing then they may as well have participated in the culture of bullying and intimidation themselves.

On Monday 14th September 2015 Nicola Sturgeon and her Cabinet will be in Coatbridge for a meeting with members of the public to discuss current and local issues. I have every expectation that the venue will be packed out with the happy clappers and true believers, who will see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil of the SNP, and will loudly shout down anyone who tries to go off message. I was unable to obtain a ticket, but I hope that someone will be there to ask those difficult questions which need answering: what are you going to do about the SNP in North Lanarkshire?

I’m hearing rumours that the Coatbridge SNP group is massively split with the Convenor and Treasurer retaining their posts on a technicality after losing a vote of no confidence, and the press being slipped potentially information about members, apparently not by Labour, but from within the SNP itself:


Sunday Herald. 9th August 2015

Sunday Herald. 9th August 2015

Turning a blind eye is no longer an option for the high-heidyins in Edinburgh. Acknowledgement of complaints is an admittance of an awareness  of the situation. The question now is, how long shall they keep up the pretence that everything is fine and dandy. I’m hoping for Monday at the latest. To come to the heart of darkness and say nothing would be just another act of complicity: to allow anyone who tries to raise concens to be shouted down is even more so.



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