The SNP: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

I’d like to thank some of the more reasoned people who have visited this site and left comments. It was said that the SNP’s actions on dealing with this are of the “move along, nothing to see here” variety, and I’d agree. This strategy is common to all political parties: ignore as long as possible, make an appearance to do something if the press are sniffing around, and only actually take action when it goes into print. I am probably at stage 2 of that process just now, and don’t see it going much further, which is strange when you see some of the things that do make it into the press, such as a misplaced comma in a tweet or the like.

What should be apparent to those who are willing to cast a critical eye over all things SNP is that all the most effective attacks on individuals seem not to be coming from their political opponents, who are simply too uninformed and uncoordinated, but from within. The infighting over positions of power or influence in what is now the Establishment in Scotland is shameful. The vision of a party working towards independence has been lost, replaced by a party looking to govern Scotland long term. The SNP, in the absence of a credible opposition have taken on the role themselves.

For example:


“Andy Doig was temporarily removed from the organisation after a private e-mail was leaked to HQ.”



“This morning I received, anonymously, through the post a photocopied newspaper clipping of an exclusive Scottish Sun on Sunday story by Russell Findlay (June 22, 2014, pg 14). Seconded class stamped (cheapo) and my address sticky labelled on, with half the post code missing.

I have my suspects, chiefly two SNP Coatbridge Councillors who would know my abode but perhaps not my full address details. “



“A POLITICAL row has erupted amid claims a majority of the members of the executive of the Loch Ness SNP branch have resigned over the selection process for MP Drew Hendry’s vacant seat.

It comes after leaked emails were sent to The Inverness Courier”



“Like SNP branches all over the country, Uddingston and Bellshill was on the crest of a wave just a few short weeks ago.

Membership had increased sharply since September’s independence referendum and members were celebrating general election success in all four of the constituencies in the area.

However, angry scenes at last month’s branch meeting have resulted in a serious fallout between two leading figures with one of them, Councillor David Baird, being reported to SNP headquarters in Edinburgh.”


I have previously mentioned SNP HQ’s tactic of ignoring concerns. Had they the will to do so they could resolve many of the problems brought to them by dealing with them as openly and honestly as possible within their internal system. Instead they ignore them and allow them to fester, which either helps their opposition or empire builders in the party.


“I wanted some reassurance from the party, but they completely ignored my complaint. They asked for the original e-mail and then I had no further response.”

Ms Jin went on: “At least they could have contacted me to say that this is being dealt with. I just feel isolated. They are trying to shove it under the carpet. If the party knows about it and they don’t take any action, how can they prove that they are not discriminating?”



“In his resignation letter Mr Taggart said: “The reason behind my resignation is that I feel that democracy within our party is under serious threat, when HQ in Edinburgh decided to refuse to reveal the breakdown of the votes cast for each candidate involved in the Westminster ballot for the Motherwell and Wishaw Westminster candidacy.”


I am committed to an independent Scotland. But that does not mean blind, unquestioning obedience to the SNP. For those who joined the SNP to continue the Yes movement I would ask if the above in any way reflects the ideals you had of politics in an independent Scotland. And if it doesn’t then what the hell are you going to do about it?


6 thoughts on “The SNP: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

  1. Stuart

    In short the SNP are now behaving like any other political party. No action will be taken over your complaint Mr Cassidy, until it is expedient to do so.

    So until the SNP are forced into doing something, I suspect it is going to go very quiet.

    Which is a political parties normal modus operandi.

    However that does not mean you should stay quiet!

    I’m afraid you will just have to keep slogging away, and reminding those in power that you are not going to be silent.

    It will be a lonely and frustrating furrow to plough at times, but if you give up, then they win.

    As for the infighting you refer to within the SNP, this was inevitable.

    There is only space for so many snouts in the trough, and given the choice between taxpayer funded goodies, and ideals, for most politicians its not a hard choice to make between them.

    I’d expect to see the reports of scandals, rows over expenses, and cronyism, making an appearance very soon, as the SNP revert to politics as usual.

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  2. jester1970 Post author

    I agree with you Stuart, I will have to just keep plugging away. Nicola Sturgeon will be visiting Coatbridge next week for a cabinet meeting so I may just show up there Father Ted style with a “Down With This Sort Of Thing” placard…
    What I find most surprising is the complete silence from the press on this. It’s almost as if there was an injunction against reporting the goings on here.


  3. Donald Scott

    Am I missing something here? There was an incident with a burnt out car and allegations of malicious threats against someone who was rejected as a candidate for an SNP seat. The police haven’t brought charges and the media don’t seem to have bought into the story for their own reasons, reasons we can only speculate on. One explanation is that there is no story and the public really aren’t interested in local government shenanigans, the cloak and daggers of councillors and their minions?

    I don’t mean to be critical here, but what are you wanting to achieve by going to all the trouble to publicise a series of random events?


    1. jester1970 Post author

      Thanks for your concern Donald. If I can clarify a few things for you: I was never a candidate for the SNP, nor a potential candidate. I did support Tommy Montgomery in his bid to be the MP candidate. He was the one who had the malicious allegations made against him. The Police have not charged anyone because they need to catch someone first. Given the nature of the crimes that is going to be very difficult. Some people have a real misunderstanding of the nature of evidence. Evidence of a crime is not the same thing as evidence of individual guilt, and sometimes it is only later when more information is available that police can judge how that evidence fits in the overall picture. For obvious reasons I will not be drawn on the nature of the evidence which the police have.
      Why no media interest? A very interesting question given some of the lame and tenuous SNP bad stories which do make the papers. It has been suggested to me that injunctions may be in place as very little of the North Lanarkshire situation is making it into a hungry media. Without a crystal ball one can only wonder why.
      As to your last point, I thought the point was to show that there is a pattern of behaviour across North Lanarkshire, and what may appear to the outsider as a series of random events may be anything but. By shining a light on these dark practice’s I would hope that it may help ensure that they are brought to a halt, and that the SNP becomes worthy of the many fine members who joined as a result of the Yes campaign.



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