Open Letter To Nicola Sturgeon: The Silence Is Deafening

Freedom of expression: not welcome within the SNP?

Freedom of expression: not welcome within the SNP?

Around this time yesterday I posted An Open Letter To Nicola Sturgeon detailing the campaign of fear and intimidation which my family and I have had to endure for the last 9 months. We are overwhelmed by messages of support, and I’m glad to say that the negative comments have been in the tiny minority. This website had over 11,000 views yesterday, and I’ve had messages from all over the country regarding the events I have written about from strangers and from journalists. The one group who I am disgusted to say have not contacted me in any capacity has been the SNP. This is despite me emailing my concerns directly to Nicola Sturgeon and posting them to her on her Twitter account, which I am assured she operates personally.

To answer a few questions which have cropped up, and which I thought were apparent from my letter:

Have I raised my concerns with the SNP? Yes. I have had no response.

Have I reported the incidents to Police Scotland? Yes.

My letter and my replies are what I am legally allowed to write. I cannot, as some people have asked me to “name and shame” any individual or individuals. I cannot give details of what evidence Police Scotland possess, as this may be used at a future date.

I would hope that anyone looking at my Facebook profile and my letters on this site would agree that I am dedicated to the Yes movement and an independent Scotland, and that I am not a Westminster plant as has been suggested by one fanciful individual. I am saddened that some people who in the run up to the referendum were willing to question everything, now seem unable to question anything that runs counter to their beliefs. Blind faith does none of us any good.


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