12/03/15 Ballot Rigging and Postal Voting


The National.

Dear Sir, 

I wrote to this paper in December last year detailing my concerns over voting practices which were in place prior to the referendum, and how they should be tightened. It seems ironic that the very minister I raised this with, Alex Neil, is one of those now affected by the actions taken by the Electoral Commission, particularly as he did not seek to pursue any type of public enquiry into the matter, which I suggested would be necessary. Many questions about last years voting remain unanswered, and to these we seem to be adding a new set of questions about current and proposed changes to voting. The situation taking place now is merely a long overdue tidying up of the fast and loose system that previously existed and by rights should have been sorted long ago. The fact that the postal voting system has not been clamped down on is one which should not be allowed to go without comment either. It is still open to abuse and the sooner that we have a system where voters by and large have to vote in person with secondary proof of identification to hand cannot come soon enough for me. I hope that the Scottish Government will now take heed of what has gone on and what is planned, and launches a full enquiry into voting in Scotland. 

Yours Sincerely, 

James Cassidy,



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