25/03/15 The Election, Labour and Credit Where It Is Due

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

Dear Sir,

I’m afraid I must disappoint Janet Hogg by writing in again. I noticed that the names she complained about appearing on a regular basis were three Nationalist contributors. I suspect that she is perhaps a Labour supporter who is annoyed at the lack of writers supporting the Labour party. I must admit there is a dearth of Labour support in the paper, much as there seems to be a dearth of Labour activism locally. I’m reliably informed that with some Labour councillors refusing to campaign for her, Pamela Nash has so little local support she is having to bring Labour party councillors up from Wales and England to campaign on her behalf. At present we have an MP whose own local party barely backed her in a vote of no confidence and who is barely seen on the streets of Airdrie, and certainly almost never seen outside of election time. Pretty much like every Labour MP we’ve had before you might say. As I’m not a member of any political party I am free to praise or criticise our elected representatives as I think fit. I have praised Labour councillors such as Tommy Morgan and Andrew Spowart in the past for their work in the community. Last week I criticised Alex Neil for his unwillingness to meet with the people of Plains to discuss the proposed Plains railway station. I must therefore give him credit for arranging his own meeting which took place in Plains on Friday night. What a pity he decided not to advertise it in the Advertiser or on social media, which would explain the low attendance, barely into double figures, and that was strangely made up by a large cohort of SNP activists from Airdrie. It’s almost as if Mr Neil didn’t want anyone there, apart from the photographer. Mr Neil and his colleague Neil Gray have just delivered a massive snub to the people of Plains, which one local SNP activist described as a “cynical ploy to attack Alex Neil”. The meeting was a genuine attempt to get everyone in the one room, cut through the rubbish being spouted by some parties and enlighten the people of Plains as to when, if ever, they may see a station in the village. Unfortunately paranoia by the SNP locally, added to what appears to be a serious case of throwing the teddy bear in the corner due to the meeting being organised by ex SNP Councillor Alan Beveridge means the people of Plains are unlikely to get a straight answer.

In the past Mr Neil was very supportive when my family had very bad experiences with Monklands Hospital, but as a politician you are only as good as your last job and at present he is deserving of some criticism. I hope that he can be open enough to accept that criticism and rectify the situation, as he has done some fine work for Airdrie as our MSP. I cannot say the same for Ms Nash though, who in her term of office has achieved precisely nothing. 

Yours Sincerely, 

James Cassidy,


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