The Referendum Letters: 26/01/13

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

Dear Sir,

In reply to ex-councillor John Love’s letter of 23/01/13,  may I point out that continually repeating a lie will not make it true, however much he wishes otherwise. If Scotland votes YES in 2014 the Scottish Government will have the mandate to begin the negotiations for independence, with a projected timescale of two years before the election of the first independent parliament.Anyone can check this fact out online at the BBC website- “Q&A on the Scottish Independence Referendum”. On his second point, perhaps he should choose his friends more carefully. On 13th January 2012 Scotland on Sunday, and next day the BBC (no great friends of independence) amongst others reported that his friend Michael Moore MP had refused to enter pre-referendum negotiations, stating that “it would be a betrayal of our responsibilities, for UK ministers to act on behalf of only part of the UK against Scotland’s interests in some kind pre-negotiation.” He then went on to say that if Scotland votes YES “the UK government would have to “prioritise” the interests of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish and would be unable to give the Scottish Government everything that it wanted.” He has been roundly condemned by all sides, including his Tory colleagues because he has made his position clear that there is no contingency plan in the event of a YES vote. Rather than aid a swift and controlled transition of power, and it seems to me his response is to pretend it cannot happen, and if it does make it as difficult as possible for all the people of Scotland. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

If John Love and his ilk are willing to pass off complete untruths as fact, how can they be believed on anything? I’ve quoted my sources which any reader can check out. It’s time we had a bit of honesty here, is that possible Mr Love?

Yours Sincerely,


James Cassidy


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