The Referendum Letters- 07/05/12

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

Dear Sir,

Last week you reported that Pamela Nash MP had stated that the issue of an independence referendum was causing uncertainty among businesses and financial institutions in her area. I contacted Ms Nash and asked which businesses and financial institutions had stated this point of view to her. She declined to name any. In the absence of clarification I am left wondering who has made these comments to her. Is the Airdrie Savings Bank the financial institution she refers to? Or is it a bank teller who she chatted to while exchanging currency for one of her many foreign junkets? Which businesses have claimed it is damaging? In here reply to my letter the only one she saw fit to name was Tunnocks, who aren’t even based here! As far as I can see it’s the actions of the likes of Ms Nash which is causing uncertainty. She has many reasons to. For one thing, she is being told to do so by her party. For another thing her salary of £65,738 (plus expenses) depends on it. Perhaps in future Ms Nash would like to stick to relaying facts, rather than spreading unverifiable rumours. 

Yours Sincerely,

James Cassidy


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